Simple Ways to Add to Your Room

I’ve always loved to change up my room, especially before the start of a new school year. I totally re-did my room two years ago, new paint, furniture and all, but I still like to add new pieces and get rid of the old.Processed with VSCO with p5 preset I recently read an article about how having certain plants keeps the air inside your house or room clean, and “unpolluted.” This was cool to hear because not only are succulents and little house plants cute, but now I have a valid reason for scattering them all over the place!

Another way I have made my room a more enjoyable space is by adding lights! Everyone knows about fairy lights, but for something a little different I decided on these cute little lights from IKEA, that have purple diamonds covering them. They are the RAMSTA Chain Lights, and each pack comes with 24 diamonds.

The lights would look really cool strung around my whole room, but for now I just keep them hanging around my wall tiles-which are actually another cool way of filling blank wall space! I have a whiteboard tile, a magnet one, and mostly bulletin boards which I love for hanging up pictures!

Plants and lights have recently been my favorite ways to add to my room. But I also love to scatter color around my room by displaying pretty packaged candles or candle holders, book stands, necklace hangers and more! I also put a collection of those pretty birthstones in a clear vase/jar and all the different colors look so pretty together.

I’m so excited for fall so I can do some more interesting decorating, but for now I love the simplicity of my room for this season.

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